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Being a part of a non-profit organization, ISOP has very little direct funding and relies greatly on the generous donations of others to help us carry out our mission. Donations to ISOP help fund our Early Treatment Project and supports family and medical outreach and educational programs. 

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Noel Casting Frame

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What to expect on the first day of Early Treatment. Plus diapering and bathing tips from other parents.
Bexon's Story: The Story of a Boy and the Mom who Fought to Save Him (Link)

Decorating supplies:
Years of experience have taught us that decorating a child's cast is helpful in a variety of ways.

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A Great Way to Help: An easy way to help ISOP is through a new search engine powered by Yahoo called Good Search. Good Search will make a donation to ISOP with every search. It doesn't cost you a thing The money comes from the advertisers...
DVD produced by the ARISE Scoliosis Research Trust in England is now available to doctors and parents who want to understand the concept of reversing progressive infantile scoliosis.

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Follow this link to view News stories about the Early Treatment Method from around the world.




Welcome to The Infantile Scoliosis Outreach Program



The Infantile Scoliosis Outreach Program (ISOP) is pivotal in connecting families of children with progressive infantile scoliosis to resources and information needed to make the best choices possible in the care of their child. As you view our site you will find current and relevant information on infantile scoliosis, such as Early Treatment with serial corrective plaster jackets/casts, and other research pertinent to progressive infantile scoliosis.

ISOP is moving forward in our mission to educate and advocate on behalf of children living with scoliosis via our various programs. Through the CAST online support group, hundreds of parents come together to share information and experiences and to make lifelong connections with each other. Through our Medical and Family Outreach Programs, and our Early

Treatment Program (ETP) Seminars, ISOP is heightening awareness among the medical community and general public about the importance of Early Treatment for progressive infantile scoliosis, and helping to provide access to the most progressive care options available to infants and children effected by this condition.
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Por favor lea aquí para obtener información que puede salvar la vida de su niño. (Please read here to get info that could save your child's life)
Little Sofia takes big steps with the help of Mehta casting


Sofía Egües

La pequeña Sofía Egües de 3 años sufre de escoliosis infantil progresiva. En noviembre del 2012, a pesar de haber recibido tratamiento con un corsé durante sus primeros años de vida, la curvatura de su columna había alcanzado ya los 60 grados.

Los especialistas en su ciudad natal en Lima, Perú, afirmaron que Sofía necesitaba una cirugía correctiva para implantarle unas barras de titanio a lo largo de su columna, junto a otras cirugías de mantenimiento cada 6 meses, y finalmente una fusión temprana de columna a los 8 o 10 años de edad.

Article in English

Artículo en español

Pediatricians and Parents - Download this handy ISOP screening guide!

ISOP Screening Guide

Get the STRAIGHT facts for Kids

Simple Screening Methods

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Parent Initiated Event A Big Winner for ISOP...

The Power of Parents Karleigh's Cause
When their beautiful 15 month old daughter, Karleigh, was diagnosed with progressive infantile scoliosis (PIS), Kim Westmiller and her husband had no idea what they were up against.  Fortunately, they were able to connect with Heather Hyatt Montoya and the Infantile Scoliosis Outreach Program (ISOP).  Through Heather and ISOP, they found answers to their questions and the resources that led them to Early Treatment with Mehta Casting. These specialized EDF casts are applied every 8 weeks and continue to have a straightening effect on 3 year old Karleigh’s spine.   

Thankful for their daughter's progress and wanting to give something back, the Westmillers decided to hold a special event that would celebrate Karleigh's amazing success and also help raise money for ISOP so that other parents of children with infantile scoliosis could also access the kind of help and resources that they had received.

On October 20, 2013, The Westmillers hosted the first ever, Karleigh's Cause, at Hearthstone Manor in Depew, NY. The surrounding community rallied around Karleigh's Cause by attending the event, which featured Terry Buchwald’s, Elvis-inspired, Tribute to the King, as well as live and silent auctions to help raise money for ISOP. In total, the event raised nearly $14,000 for ISOP!

Karleigh's parents are a powerful testament to the steady devotion and determination it takes to navigate the many health options and difficult decisions they faced upon learning of their daughter's potentially fatal condition. Also impressive, is the selfless approach and tireless effort they put into making Karleigh's Cause a huge success, ensuring that other families of children facing similar circumstances will have the needed resources, support and opportunities for treatment that ISOP helps provide.

Thanks to you and Karleigh, and the overwhelming support of your community, event sponsors and volunteers, Karleigh’s Cause was not only an amazing success but truly inspirational.

On behalf of the Infantile Scoliosis Outreach Program (ISOP) and the many families and children who will benefit from your generosity, we say, Thank You!

facebook More pictures from Karleigh's Cause are available on facebook.

Thank you to volunteers!

Spotlight On: Andrew's Story...


Fight for your babies mama’s and daddy's...

Andrew’s life started with a full term pregnancy and a healthy baby born to a couple just about to celebrate 3 years of marriage. This story your about to read is long and includes a lot of details that might not seem significant to his scoliosis journey but I think it’s important to paint as clear a picture as possible of what life was like for us and hopefully encourage you when the road feels dark and overwhelming and give you hope that you can make it through this and that it is worth it.

At 10 days old, Andrew started “spitting up”. (more like a waterfall pouring out of his mouth) Seemingly everything that went in his tummy, was coming right back out. After talking with the advice nurse, we took him to the hospital within just an hour or so of onset. The amount of spit up combined with his tiny newborn size, he was already dehydrated on arrival. He wouldn’t hold anything down so an iv was needed. After the hospital tortured my tiny little 10 day old baby trying to get a needle in, they decided to transfer us to the children’s hospital.


Attention All Medical Professionals:


Mehta Method Casting Tutorials

If you are interested in attending one of ISOP's Early Treatment, hands-on Mehta Method casting tutorials, please sign up now. Early Treatment Tutorials are hosted by ISOP and Children's Hospital throughout the U.S. and abroad. Medical professionals such as pediatric orthopedic surgeons, pediatricians, cast technicians and post op recovery staff are invited to attend. ISOP has hosted many tutorials since 2005 and our goal is to have one or two annually. Learn more.



Long before ISOP...

Cole and the Crooked Flower

Mother's Determination Turns The Tide in Toddler's Scoliosis Fight

Follow the long journey of ISOP founding Mom, Heather, and daughter, Olivia, as they sought to find answers where there were few, and a scoliosis treatment that would spur hope and encouragement.

As published in the Rocky Mountain News on December 19, 2000

pdf     PDF Document: The Greatest Gift



New! ISOP Inspired Children's Book Now On Sale!

Cole and the Crooked Flower

Cole and the Crooked Flower

While exploring his garden Cole finds a crooked flower.  Determined to help the flower grow straight, Cole tries everything he can think of, including milk to make it grow stronger, massage to work out it's kinks, even a hair iron.  Finally, with a little bit of help, he finds a gentle cure, and soon his flower is the tallest, straightest in the garden. 

All proceeds from this book go to the Infantile Scoliosis Outreach Program.  The Infantile Scoliosis Outreach Program helps train doctors in and connect parents to this life saving treatment.  Without them our son would not be where he is today!

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Join the C.A.S.T Support Group Today!

Mehta Casting

Share with other parents the miracle of Mehta Casting!

The C.A.S.T. Support Group was developed to give families a way to communicate what we have in common; our young children with scoliosis. We can share our experiences regarding traditional and alternative treatments, and discuss the pros and cons of each.

This very active discussion group is hosted by Yahoo Groups and has a constantly growing membership. By joining, you'll have access to a number of informative files, photos and links having to do with infantile scoliosis. Best of all, it's free!   Join Today!


A Message from Dr. Min Mehta

Dr. Min MehtaDr. Min Mehta

The study "Growth as a corrective force in the Early Treatment of progressive infantile scoliosis," JBJS 2005 has contributed to furthering the aim of reversing progressive scoliosis in infancy by demonstrating that far from being an adverse factor, the vigorous growth in infancy is the principal force in converting a progressive infantile scoliosis into a straight spine by early treatment. This perception of growth working as a corrective force in childhood deformities should alter the aim of the treatment of infantile scoliosis from containment to cure, and (realize) a future when many more children with progressive deformity may be restored to normal appearance and function.  ~ Min Mehta, MD. FRCS

Spreading the Word...

Parent Power

The Infantile Scoliosis Outreach Program (ISOP) would not be where it is today without the persistence of parents. After all, ISOP was founded by a mother who was searching for a more gentle, non-surgical method of care to treat her infant with Progressive Infantile Scoliosis (a.k.a. Early Onset Scoliosis).   Many parents have dedicated their time, resources, and even finances to advance ISOP’s mission and goals. Now, more than ever, we must each do what we can to perpetuate this forward momentum. As with most things in life, reaching a goal takes time, people to help share the work, and money. As you sit at your computer, reading the amazing personal stories of healing on this website, do you ever wonder what you can do to help? Learn More

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ISOP PSA featuring Peter Gallagher

For Very Young Children, There’s A Way To Cure Scoliosis Without Surgery

ISOP's Oxford Presentation Sept. 2011
Additional Materials: pdf Early Onset Scoliosis Meeting Minutes from Oxford

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